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Top Places to Eat on Cocoa Beach

ham sandwich with chips

Hunger can strike when you least expect it, so it’s best to be prepared. We got you covered with our list of top places to eat while you’re staying on the Space Coast.


The Tiny Turtle

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! And when in Florida, do as we do! That means enjoying the rich and vibrant flavors of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean at The Tiny Turtle — this is ground zero for sofrito heaven. Get your sofritos in a bowl, burrito, salad or piled high on nachos.


Roberto’s Cuban

Cuban influence spans the entire state of Florida, and Cocoa Beach is no exception. Roberto’s has been a family-owned and operated restaurant since 1980. Feast on authentic Cuban delicacies from traditional lechon pork to mouthwatering paella.


Green Room

Keeping it healthy while you’re on vacation? We can dig it. The Green Room specializes in all things fresh, including plenty of vegan and vegetarian menu items that are bursting with flavor. Acai bowls and smoothies are the specialties here, so don’t hesitate to get tropical!


The Fat Snook

Snook is a type of fish, so don’t get any weird ideas. The Fat Snook parlays our coastal location into a fresh seafood experience with a Caribbean vibe. The menu features two fresh catch entrees daily, cleverly named ‘Catch #1’ and ‘Catch #2.’ Seafood doesn’t get any better than this!


Fat Kahuna’s

Experience the unique flavors of Maui right here on the Space Coast! Specializing in both land and sea, Fat Kahuna’s delivers a culinary experience that will leave you filled with the aloha spirit. As they say, “Come taste the aloha.”


Coconuts on the Beach

We know you can’t get enough of the beach, so why leave? Coconuts boasts a massive outdoor tiki deck overlooking the beach with a killer menu to match. You can choose to attack a mountain of delicious nachos or savor a beautiful piece of fresh catch cooked your way. Day or night, Coconuts is the spot! (This is also a great place to watch shuttle launches!)


Florida’s Seafood Bar & Grill

Sometimes it’s nice when a restaurant’s name doesn’t leave any room for interpretation. Florida’s Seafood is “where shrimp happens.” Family owned and operated since 1997, this local favorite sports a huge menu loaded with options. The appropriately labeled menu section, “Shrimp, shrimp, shrimp,” features over ten different ways to satisfy your shrimp cravings. We told you this is where shrimp happens, right?


Rising Tide

But it’s not the tide you might be thinking of. Rising Tide has over 60 craft beers on tap as well as a wide selection of craft cocktails. And with a mouthwatering menu loaded with street tacos, stone-baked pizzas and smash iron burgers, those hunger pains will have nowhere to hide.


Long Doggers

Kick back indoors in a surf shop atmosphere or catch the summer sun outside at this casual grub spot packed with locals and visitors. We recommend coming here for the wings, but whether you’re looking for light and fresh or indulgent and savory, Long Doggers has the antidote. Looking to make moves? They even have a pick-up window if you call ahead!